Package com.eurotech.framework.protocol.pcn

Interface Summary
Pcn1001AddressInfoService Defines PCN-1001 SNP AddressInfoService.
Pcn1001CountInfoService Defines PCN-1001 IN/OUT Count info service.
Pcn1001CountListenerService Defines PCN-1001 count listener.
Pcn1001DateAndTimeService Defines PCN-1001 date and time service.
Pcn1001FactoryService Defines IPcn1001FactoryService - passenger counter factory service.
Pcn1001InfoService Defines IPcn1001InfoService - passenger counter info service.
Pcn1001InputLineInfoService Defines PCN-1001 Input Line Info service
Pcn1001MasterService Defines PCN-1001 master service.
Pcn1001Service Defines IPcn1001Service - passenger counter service.
Pcn1001SnpChannelAcquisitionService Defines Acquisition service for Passenger Counter's SNP (Simple Network Protocol) communication channel - serial RS485 communication.
Pcn1001SnpChannelService Defines SNP (Simple Network Protocol) communication channel service for PCN-1001 passenger counter.
Pcn1001VersionInfoService Defines PCN-1001 Version info service.

Class Summary
CountInfoQueue Defines Count Information queue.
ErrStats Defines PCN1001 error statistics.
ErrStatsLogEntry Defines PCN1001 error statistics log entry.
GpsLogEntry Defines GPS log entry.
IpAddress Container for an IP address value.
LogEntry Defines Log entry.
LogFileLister Defines log file lister.
LoggingJobQueue Defines logging job queue.
PassengerCounterApplicationConfig Defines PCN-1001 Application configuration class.
PassengerCountLogEntry Defines IN/OUT count log entry.
Pcn1001 Defines Pcn1001 - passenger counter class.
Pcn1001Config Defines PCN-1001 specific configuration
Pcn1001Factory Defines Pcn1001Factory - passenger counter factory class.
Pcn1001Master Defines PCN-1001 master class
Pcn1001MasterConfig Defines PCN-1001 Master configuration class.
Pcn1001SnpChannel Defines SNP channel class for PCN-1001 passenger counter
Pcn1001SnpChannelAcquisition Defines SNP channel acquisition class for the Passenger Counter.
Pcn1001SupportedDevices Defines usb2serial devices supported by this implementation
SnpMessage Defines SNP Message (Simple Network Protocol)
VehicleMotionEvent Defines vehicle motion event.
VehicleMotionEventQueue Defines vehicle motion event queue.
VehiclePassengerCountLogEntry Defines Vehicle passenger count log entry

Enum Summary
PcnProtocolErrorCode ProtocolErrorCode holds the enumeration of valid error codes for the exception message.

Exception Summary
PcnProtocolException The ProtocolException class is the superclass of all errors and exceptions in the ESF Protocol project.

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