Package com.eurotech.framework.protocol.modbus

Interface Summary
ModbusProtocolDeviceService OSGI service providing a connection to a device via Serial link (RS232/RS485) or Ethernet using Modbus protocol.

Class Summary
Crc16 Used to calculate the CRC-16 (cyclical redundancy check) for an array of bytes.
ModbusCommEvent The ModbusCommEvent class contains the values returned by Modbus functions 11(0x0B) and 12(0x0C).
ModbusDataOrder This static class defines the possible byte organization in the data stream sent and received.
ModbusFunctionCodes supported modbus commands
ModbusProtocolDevice The Modbus protocol implements a subset of the Modbus standard command set.
ModbusTransmissionMode This static class is provided only for completeness.
ProtocolPrimitiveDataTypes This class is used to enumerate the Java primitive data types.

Enum Summary
ModbusProtocolErrorCode ProtocolErrorCode holds the enumeration of valid error codes for the exception message.

Exception Summary
ModbusProtocolException The ProtocolException class is the superclass of all errors and exceptions in the ESF Protocol project.

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