Package com.eurotech.framework.position

Contains service to acquire global position.


Interface Summary
PositionService This interface provides methods getting a geographic position.

Class Summary
NmeaPosition The NmeaPosition class is similar to org.osgi.util.position.Position but with different units and more fields.
The following fields are equivalent to org.osgi.util.position.Position fields but in more typical units (degrees instead of radians):
Longitude in degrees Latitude in degrees Track in degrees Altitude in meters Speed in km/h Speed in mph
It adds to the OSGI Position class the following fields :
Fix Quality (from GPGGA) Number of Satellites (from GPGGA) DOP : Horizontal dilution of position (from GPGGA) 3D fix (from GPGSA) PRNs of sats used for fix (from GPGSA) PDOP : Dilution of precision (from GPGSA) HDOP : Horizontal Dilution of precision (from GPGSA) VDOP : Vertical Dilution of precision (from GPGSA)
PositionLockedEvent PositionLockedEvent is raised when a valid GPS position has been acquired.
PositionLostEvent PositionLostEvent is raised when GPS position has been lost.

Exception Summary

Package com.eurotech.framework.position Description

Contains service to acquire global position.

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