Package com.eurotech.framework

Contains objects necessary to manage framework exceptions.


Class Summary

Enum Summary
EsfErrorCode EsfErrorCode holds the enumeration of valid error codes for the exception message.

Exception Summary
EsfConnectException EsfConnectException is raised during connect failures.
EsfException The EsfException class is the superclass of all errors and exceptions in the ESF project.
EsfNotConnectedException EsfNotConnectedException is raised when the attempted operation requires an active connection to the remote server while the current state is disconnected.
EsfPartialSuccessException EsfPartialSuccessException is used capture the response of bulk operations which allow for the failures of some of their steps.
EsfStoreCapacityReachedException EsfStoreCapacityReachedException is raised when a message can not be appended to the publishing queue as the internal database buffer has reached its capacity for messages that are not yet published or they are still in transit.
EsfStoreException EsfStoreException is raised when a failure occurred during a persistence operation.
EsfTimeoutException EsfTimeoutException is raised when the attempted operation failed to respond before the timeout exprises.
EsfTooManyInflightMessagesException EsfTooManyInflightMessagesException is raised if a publish is attempted when there are already too many messages queued for publishing.

Package com.eurotech.framework Description

Contains objects necessary to manage framework exceptions.

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