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Packages that use NetProtocol Contains interfaces and event model to manage and configure network interfaces on a given system. Interfaces firewall configuration instances. 

Uses of NetProtocol in

Methods in that return NetProtocol
static NetProtocol NetProtocol.valueOf(String name)
          Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
static NetProtocol[] NetProtocol.values()
          Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.

Uses of NetProtocol in

Methods in that return NetProtocol
 NetProtocol FirewallOpenPortConfig.getProtocol()
          Gets the type of network protocol (TCP or UDP) that is open for inbound connections
 NetProtocol FirewallOpenPortConfigIP.getProtocol()
 NetProtocol FirewallPortForwardConfig.getProtocol()
          Gets the type of network protocol (TCP or UDP) that is used for this configuration
 NetProtocol FirewallPortForwardConfigIP.getProtocol()

Methods in with parameters of type NetProtocol
 void FirewallOpenPortConfigIP.setProtocol(NetProtocol protocol)
 void FirewallPortForwardConfigIP.setProtocol(NetProtocol protocol)

Constructors in with parameters of type NetProtocol
FirewallOpenPortConfigIP(int port, NetProtocol protocol, NetworkPair<T> permittedNetwork, String permittedInterfaceName, String unpermittedInterfaceName, String permittedMac, String sourcePortRange)
          Creates a complete Open Port configuration
FirewallOpenPortConfigIP4(int port, NetProtocol protocol, NetworkPair<IP4Address> permittedNetwork, String permittedInterfaceName, String unpermittedInterfaceName, String permittedMac, String sourcePortRange)
FirewallPortForwardConfigIP(String interfaceName, IP4Address address, NetProtocol protocol, int inPort, int outPort, NetworkPair<T> permittedNetwork, String permittedMac, String sourcePortRange)
          Creates a complete port forward configuration
FirewallPortForwardConfigIP4(String interfaceName, IP4Address address, NetProtocol protocol, int inPort, int outPort, NetworkPair<IP4Address> permittedNetwork, String permittedMac, String sourcePortRange)

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