Interface ClockService

public interface ClockService

The ClockService is used to configure how to sych the hardware clock with a remote network service. The service reports when the clock has been synchronized last and raises an event when it is synchronized. The ClockService is configurable to determine how the clock synchronization should happen. By default, the ClockService can be configured to set the time through a Java NTP Client. It can also be extended to synchronize the clock through a native Linux NTPD service, using the clock acquired from a GPS signal provided by the Position Service, or through the a cellular carrier.

Method Summary
 Date getLastSync()
          Returns a Date denoting when the clock was synchronized last.

Method Detail


Date getLastSync()
                 throws EsfException
Returns a Date denoting when the clock was synchronized last. If the clock has not yet synchronized since ESF started, null is returned.

Date that the clock was last synchronized, null if not synchronized yet.

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