Everyware® Software Framework 2.0.1

com.eurotech.framework Contains objects necessary to manage framework exceptions.
com.eurotech.framework.bluetooth Contains interface to open and manage a bluetooth connection.
com.eurotech.framework.clock Contains interface and event model to synchronize hardware clock.
com.eurotech.framework.cloud Provides services for managing communications between M2M applications and remote servers.
com.eurotech.framework.comm Provides services for managing a connection with a serial port.
com.eurotech.framework.configuration Contains services to manage all configurable components of the system.
com.eurotech.framework.configuration.metatype Provides expected schemas for JAXB bindings.
com.eurotech.framework.data Provides services for connecting and communicating with a MQTT broker.
com.eurotech.framework.db Provides APIs to acquire and use a JDBC Connection to the embedded SQL database running in the framework.
com.eurotech.framework.message Defines the recommended payload structure for the messages sent to the Everyware Cloud platform.
com.eurotech.framework.net Contains interfaces and event model to manage and configure network interfaces on a given system.
com.eurotech.framework.net.dhcp Interfaces for all DHCP server instances.
com.eurotech.framework.net.dns Interfaces for all DNS server instances.
com.eurotech.framework.net.firewall Interfaces firewall configuration instances.
com.eurotech.framework.net.modem Provides interfaces for instances and configurations of modems.
com.eurotech.framework.net.route Provides services to manage interfaces and their priorities in the static routing table.
com.eurotech.framework.net.wifi Provides interfaces for instances and configurations of wifi devices.
com.eurotech.framework.position Contains service to acquire global position.
com.eurotech.framework.system Contains services to get system information and perform basic system tasks.
com.eurotech.framework.usb Provides services and interfaces for finding and managing USB devices within the system.
com.eurotech.framework.watchdog Provides service for controlling hardware watchdog timer.


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